Beginners Lessons

Handling a horse starts at a young ageBeginners lessons are available from my reliable trained school horses.

For kids it is important to have a good balance of fun and learning. I try to incorporate what they have worked on in their lesson into something a little more fun at the end. This can be a game or a small ride out of the arena.

All Beginners, whether children or adults, I teach first the correct aids (means of communicating with the horse). This includes the basics like stopping, going and steering.

I also teach the correct basic position that allows riders to be effective and balanced on horses and not give horses confused messages.

This progresses through walk, trot and canter.

The lesson time starts from when the students are actually on the horse to when they dismount. This does not include saddling up time or unsaddling time due to the fact that some school horses need to stay saddle up before/after a lesson. If you would like horsemanship lessons these can be booked separately or alternatively please request with me if you would like it included in your lesson time in lieu of riding time.

Child riding barebackAll beginner lessons are on very safe horses and are also available in group lessons.

Horse Riding Lessons by Qualified EFA Instructor in the Toowoomba Region